Ups! I just tripped into the DeFi rabbit hole

Today I learned what a DeFi app is. Goes to show you how little I know about the crypo-verse.

The name DeFi, that is ranked first on Techmeme, and the shear amount of volume was moved in Ethereum, caught my eye.

I went and searched what DeFi was. I learned it stands for “Decentralized Finance Applications”.

This blew my mind for short time. The implication of such system are pretty wide and wild. It felt to me that cryptocurrencies where becoming more usable in terms of everyday financial or legal transactions (they probably already are).

But most importantly! It was a wake up call to go and make the effort of understanding and maybe, why not, to participate in this possibility.

Help me find my way.

Thinking of starting here.


Work the algorithm – Part 1

I have been aware of how algorithms try to compete for my attention depending on my online behavior.

This is especially true inside de Facebook universe, start searching certain keywords, click on ads, join groups, participate, and you will almost immediately see how any of these behaviors send signals to the mothership.

By doing this you are inviting brands to start competing for your attention.

I like doing this. I feel I have certain control over what I would like to see displayed to me (more on this in part 2). I don’t mind seeing good social media ads while scrolling my feed.

I know believe this is also happening while watching “cable” using YouTube TV. 

Just like surfing the feed, I like to watch live TV. I like the noise and the randomness of what is on. I like to channel surf.

Here too I pay attention to the ads. Since a kid, I have enjoyed watching ads. 

My wife went shopping at the begging of the week. This was on a Tuesday. First time this quarantine. She bought some shampoo. She was very excited about this. Then, on Friday, I started noticing new TV ads on channels that lean towards male demographic, several ads for shampoo and conditioners.

And as usual with commercial TV content, these ads kept on coming (reach and frequency baby), with more brands joining in the competition for my attention or that of someone in my household. 

Yesterday, my 15-year-old son, pointing at the TV, said: “Hey mom look!”.

The ad was for a shampoo that promised to straighten your hair.  

I like how I am starting to see commercial TV content that is connected to who I am (I assume that buying power plays a part in creating my persona).

I just wish there was a form to have even more control over what I see and what I don’t.