This whole Quiet Quitting thing

I am finding the whole Quite Quitting issue quite entertaining. 

I understand how a person can commit itself to abstract causes. I have drunk the Kool Aid more than once :-). I like feeling part of something. 

But, as everything, this is a binary issue. A I give, you give kind of a deal. 

There is an upper emotional level of transaction one can make with. For those trust and loyalty need to be established.

But then I heard how we, knowledge workers, will now get to understand what line workers have felt since forever. How do we make the line more efficient and produce more for less? Simply by quantifying what each of the workers achieve during a unit of time.

I thought about the propaganda posters placed in old communist countries, inciting hard work for the motherland. And wanting to see what Dall-E would do with this concept.

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