One Humanity, 99.9% Same, 100% Divided Over AI-Made Art

At the end of February, almost a week ago, the internet went nuclear over some AI generated images. Google had just entered a nightmare PR crisis. 

Here is Ars Technica headline on FEB the 22: Google’s hidden AI diversity prompts lead to outcry over historically inaccurate images.

Of course, this being 2024, the whole thing became another outrage enticing content thing floating the social media timelines and news networks. 

I understood part of the outrage. Yes, it’s important to represent historical facts in a truthful and objective way, but why not? Why not the fantasy of living in a world where Greek gods are depicted by North American natives? And non aryan nazis exist. 

Gemini’s hallucination is actually extremely poetic. Even inspiring. Again, why not mess with the collective Imaginarium and open our minds into seeing the world with different lenses or angles? 

One planet my friends. All humans. All genetically similar, 99.9% similar.

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