my own little metablock

One of the things I cherished about the early web was the concept of owning a little corner of the online world, a launching pad to the vast expanse of the WWW. Social media platforms democratized online expression, but at the cost of our own data becoming the product.

I believe we’ll see a shift back towards this personal web, reminiscent of Geocities. Beyond that, I envision a future where communities coalesce around shared values and beliefs, forming unique “parcels” within the broader human landscape.

But why yearn for such individualized spaces? This question echoes the one posed about art’s purpose. I admit, I struggle with the idea of ego in art. Is self-expression inherently narcissistic?

Perhaps embracing this motivation, instead of suppressing it, holds the key to unlocking my own creative potential. Maybe my artistic self is stifled by this very fear of egotism.

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