It’s been a while,

Have not been around here in a while. September 16.

Lots has happened since. One of them is me being swallowed by a tsunami of advertising work. It got tense, taking lots of energy. But, we are on the other side of the mound of things that needed to be done. More advertising has been produced.

October 3rd 2022.

On one of my visits to Instagram, flipping through Stories, I came across this eye opening post by @markpollard!

Revelation baby. It felt good to read this. Made me happy, less scared, open, risky even daring. It was a cool feeling, I felt validated, I felt free.

As as when the web was the web.

A jungle of URLs. A place where you could claim a space, build your thing, create your social mask and interact with people in a way we had never interacted before.

Then Musk buys Twitter. Facebook purges 11,000 people from its payroll.

We were now witnessing, at least with Twitter, the crumbling of one of the social media giants of the past 15 years. Wild!

Maybe it’s my romantic optimism but, I can smell the winds of change.

I think that this Mastodon user describes my feeling well by saying that he/she is (re)discovering the indie web.

This post took a couple days to write. ADD would moved my focus somewhere else during the week.

At the time of this writing FTX has crumbled. It seems that not only social media is going through a shift. The whole Web3 money concept just was hit by a reset button.

Fun times ahead.

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