More like the radio, less than channel tv surfing

I am part of the TikTok universe that gets on the platform in order to be entertained.

To this activity felt always similar to the endless hours I could spend channel surfing in front a television screen.

I was today reading the always awesome Garbage Day newsletter, and read this description of what TikTok is but, in this description the author, compares it to the radio and the act of having to drive from place to the next.

I really liked it. Here it is.

In the 90s, when young people could afford to drive cars and everyone still worked in offices, it was not uncommon to listen to the radio while commuting in the morning or the evening. And when you would turn on the radio you would hear a few different kinds of programming — DJs talking about the big news stories of the day, typically a mix of brand new songs and old favorites, interviews with celebrities, and call-in shows, where random people from the community would spout off crazy nonsense, compete for prizes, ask for advice, or just get in a fight with the DJ. This content arrived linearly, punctuated by ads, but for the most part, it aired in arbitrary blocks. You’d turn on the radio and never really knew what you might hear, but chances are it was fine, but not great, though occasionally good enough to keep you sitting in your car after you parked. Well, that’s basically the role TikTok is currently filling.

So, go pay Ryan Broderick a visit and read this week’s publication.

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