Re-invention — part 2

AI generated image of a person being an algorithm

In the first part of this post I spoke about witnessing transformations. About having been part of the commercial Internet.

Continuing on in this vein, I’d like to now speak about transformation from a more personal perspective. I’ve always been part of teams, even if those teams have been ad hoc, and part of larger organizations. I’ve seen people leave, people join and people change their roles. I’ve also seen organizations themselves change their mission, vision, values and indeed their name.

Exciting stuff.

Then. I went from being a builder to become a “thinker”. I started to work in the advertising business. I always had a desire to work within that field. Somehow I believed that being part of that industry would require lots of building. I was wrong. I just realize that advertising agency are not really meant to build stuff. That role belongs to production companies.

Anyway, I am rambling now.

Back to transformation. And, specially to what it means to be 2 years away from hitting 60. Getting a job within tech — that was the objective, was getting there but then the great freeze happened. Then Twitter. Then the rest.

Here is where we bring ActivityPub back to the story. It feels like the whole thing (the Internet) is going back to basics.

Art. Media. Design. Creativity. Digital bohemia. And SERVERS. Is all one needs right? So, I guess my focus right now is not to spend too much time looking for a new gig (I’m kind of bored working at the place I am at), I will, instead focus my energy toward going back to that basic state of DYI media.

I feel that we are in the early days ofActivityPub. Just like in the early days of the Internet or of the web or of social media. But I feel that something huge could break off this and become the Internet I am currently imagining: Personal algorithms as a basic human right.

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