I always think back to the places I have lived. I remember them and think about what type of experience i had there. What skills they gave me. What type of mark they left. And, what they taught me and, how they allowed me to continue my life's journey.

This might not be of much importance to you. But, to me it was important to leave this one page journal for others to see and understand who I am.

So, here they are.
I hope you enjoy this travels through time and space.

La esquina del Bacán

We had an office here. A web design studio mixed with cultural center. Made two of my best friends here. Martin, Oscar, Víctor. Bomba Estereo started here. The owner of a corner store was the first person about we getting pregnant.

Bogotá - Early 2000s

Le tabac du Petit-Saconnex

There was a tabac on my way to school. I was 12. A tabac is like a corner store. You can buy the press and magazines. Candy and other snacks. Ice cream in the summer and of course, as it mames says it, cigarettes. I was fascinated by the mosaic created when you covered a wall with packs cigs all with a different brand, design and color.

Genève - Mid 1970s

The loft years

KCO asked me to be their roomates. We wanted to be art superstars. We had 3 cats. We used to turn the place into an art gallery. It was the punk years of art. Anybody could do it and anybody could open a gallery. We all knew each other from the Art Institute. A lot of life happened here. A lot of people crossing paths here.

San Francisco - Mid to end 80s

La Candelaria

My wife and I started our life here. Right in the heart of downtown. An urban jungle full of life and danger. It had a inner court with a fountain. The place was old and one could here how the upstair neighbors would walk from one room the other. Thi drove here crazy. We moved when we learned that we were pregnant.

Bogotá - Early 2000s

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